terms and conditions

Onec Order Placed it cannot Be CanCeled


  • We store Customer data like mobile, name, address etc. But not share your data with another company, person (not working in our company)
  • we use your personal data to improve our services.
  • we not share your data with restaurant. But in some case we share like compliant etc.

*food & fast food:-


*we have reserved right to cancel order at any time but if your order is canceled by as we will refund full payment in 7 days.

*  If you give order from  restorant/hotel A & we will delivered from restaurant/hotel B (note:- we will bring order from any other hotel, not from you order in some case)

*  Rates on our website is increased by 5% or 100% (e.g:- if product rate is 100 rs on restaurant/hotel, same product rate on our website will or was 105 rs & 200 rs)